I help creatives and business leaders design better processes and digital systems so they can move forward, grow, and do their best work.

I’m a Notion consultant, ambassador, and ops specialist at The Business of Community. I’m currently engaging on a journey to document and share my learnings on my Substack, doc day afternoon, which mainly talks about operation systems, creative process, and personal development.Beyond that, I'm probably spending time with friends and family, writing short stories, at some coffee shop with 597218 tabs open, watching movies and/or tweeting about them under a different twitter handle 😈

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why work with me

For over three years I’ve supported companies and individuals implement systems in Notion to help them better streamline their business operations and achieve their goals faster. The work that I do now is a culmination of being a Notion Ambassador since 2020, helping co-run the Notion Indonesia community, and running internal community + client operations at The Business of Community.I’m a born visual-spatial thinker, and along with my geospatial engineering background I have helped companies reveal patterns, relationships, and situations through visual settings that help them see where their actions can have the most beneficial impact and lead them to better decision making. The best thing about it is that I’m also an expert in bringing all of that into the work that I do now!

I believe in...

  • Making things visible
    We tend to ignore things that are so mundane and intrinsic we don’t even notice that they are there. Thus it makes sense that when we can’t see our work, we have a hard time managing it. This is where I come in: my superpower includes making our ideas, the state of the knowledge work, and all related problems visually accessible to ourselves and see how they will impact our work and decision-making.

  • Who we are informs what we need
    Our unique identities, motivations, and skill sets inform what we need. When building systems, I take a compassionate approach including factoring in your habits, routines, existing processes, and experiences in regards to technology. A big part of my work is making sure that the system adheres to what already works for the business and not the other way around.

  • Empowering over prescribing
    Above all, my goal is to equip and empower you with ideas and strategies so you can make your own choices and do the things you’re meant to do. I’m not interested in telling you which choices works for you or which tool you should use. You know what works for your life and business better than I ever could, and I want to help you follow through on your goals!

Below are the ways we can work together:

notion templates

The easiest way to work with me is through my Notion templates. Most of them include a call with me to help you get the most out of the templates and/or a customization + coaching add-on.

speaking & workshop

I’m often asked to provide workshops and webinars and speak about how I use Notion to solve specific problems. See below to learn more about how it works. (Currently available for Indonesians only)

notion workspace audit + strategy

Get personalized expert recommendations on your Notion setup. I can help identify room for improvements, offer best practices, and bring clarity to your processes so you can operate better in your Notion workspace.

notion workspace build + training

Need a custom Notion build for a project, product, or initiative? I offer a full build service based on your unique needs and structure including but not limited to data migration, tools integration, and documentation.

notion support for community leaders

The Business of Community is an online school and community supporting ambitious community founders in creating friendly nooks and profitable businesses.

get in touch

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you have any questions or just want to say 'hi', feel free to inbox me or fill out the following form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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